The 5 Best Zoos in Virginia

Almost every family has made a trip to a zoo. If you have not been to the zoo with your family it is an amazing way to experience wildlife and to spend quality time together. There are many amazing zoos all over the United States as well as in Virginia. Virginia in fact has some of the best zoos in the United States.

The Metro Richmond Zoo (Mosley VA) houses over fifteen hundred animals. Here you will find Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes, Monkey’s and even Camels. There is a petting area and many educational events that you can participate in.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. You will even learn about the African Penguin. Visitors are also given an amazing chance to feed the animals.

Mill Mountain Zoo (Roanoke VA) This zoo is home to seven endangered species including the red panda. There is a Zoo choo train which makes this destination perfect for children. Zoo camps for children are also held here in the summer time.

The Virginia Safari Park (Safari Lane, Natural Bridge VA) features a one hundred eighty acre drive through with more than one thousand free roaming animals. They also have a new Cheetah exhibit along with many others.

The Virginia Zoo (Norfolk VA) is a zoological park that offers family friendly events. This zoo also offers a summer safari camp for children. During your trip you can participate by listening to stories told about different types of animals and you can even have breakfast with the animals.

Luray Zoo (Luray VA) is the only true rescue zoo in Virginia. It has become home to over two hundred fifty unwated pets. This zoo has been giving home to pets for over twenty six years and any donations that are made go directly to the animals and to the upkeep of the zoo. The same is true for any purchase made in the gift shop.