Is Virginia a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Raising a family is complicated, stressful and expensive. However, if you find the perfect place to live, to send your kids to school and a safe place to keep them entertained, the job becomes exponentially easier. Of all the sates in the U.S.A, the state of Virginia boasts friendly neighborhoods, a warm year-round climate, great school districts and is home to family-friendly parks, beaches, and recreational activities. With 8 million people living inside its borders, Virginia has a relatively low population density and receives countless newcomers every year. This has resulted in the growth of suburbs in Virginia and increase in job availability. The average income for the residents of Virginia is around 61,000 a year, and rising. Despite these facts, however, Virginia is a relatively expensive place to live, especially if you are looking at property by the beach. The best thing to do for your family in Virginia is to find affordable property outside of the cities but close enough to drive to work. Many city suburbs are located in lovely areas with lots of parks and vegetation, are parts of friendly neighborhoods and as earlier states, and their schools repeatedly rank in the top 10 on the U.S. Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress. Health wise, Virginia ranks as the 22nd healthiest state and is taking great measures to increase their rank. Cities as well as small town have weekly farmer’s markets, organic food stores are becoming more and more popular while children are more rigorously educated about the consequences of unhealthy life-styles. Overall, if you are looking for a good place to start and raise a family, Virginia is definitely a great place to look into. It may take some searching, and negotiating but rest assured that the state will offer you and your family just what you need.