Take a Visit: Virginia Beach

What’s not to love about Virginia Beach? You may have saved money on those direct tv Deals this summer but why not save some more and head to one of America’s favorite beach destinations? There are tons of inexpensive and free activities hereall you have to do is look.
The Boardwalk: VA Beach has one of the best boardwalks in the USA and it’s long enough to make a day out of. Stroll hand in hand with your sweetie or rent a bike and ride the length of the walkthere are tons of shops and restaurants right on the strip.
Downtown: Downtown Virginia Beach has very recently undergone a major renovation so there are dozens of high-end hotels, shops and eateries lining this once-barren area. It’s great for a night out or a high-end lunch.
Parks: There are tons of nationally protected wildlife areas in VA Beach where you can hike, enjoy the most northern expanse of Spanish moss in the country or simply soak in the sounds of wild birds. If you’re a nature lover, you’ve found your place.

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