Top 10 Historical Sites to See in Virginia

10. Plantations: Virginia has a long cash cropping history and the plantation culture that developed along with it. Numerous plantations throughout the state offer visitors a glimpse into a bygone era.

9. Transportation: With the its long, important role in U.S. history, it’s no wonder the state is home to some top-notch transportation museums. Sites of interest include the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Mariners Museum and the Virginia Air and Space Center.

8. American Revolution: Petersburg and Great Bridge are notable sites, but Yorktown is where the war ended.

7. Monticello: One of many chances Virginia offers to step back into history, explore the life and times of our thrid president.
6. Military: While the Civil War and Revolutionary war are best known, don’t miss the National Museum of the Marine Corps or the nation’s most hallowed ground, Arlington National Cemetery.

5. Mt. Vernon: Our first president–and one of the most revered–was a native of Virginia. His estate does not disappoint.

4. Colonial Times: Step into the past at one of the nation’s oldest sites of historical importance at Jamestown, which has been reconstructed and gives a hands on feel of history.

3. Richmond: As the capital of the confederacy and a major Union target during the Civil War, there is much to see and do in Richmond.

2. Civil War: Virginia, with its proximity to both capitals saw the brunt of the action during the Civil War. Sites of importance include Appomattox, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, and Richmond, to name a few.

1. Williamsburg: This may be the single best historical site in the nation. Not only are buildings preserved or reconstructed, but the interpreters take on their roles much like actors, truly brigining history to life.

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